Solo and Pair Exhibitions


"One location, two perspectives.
This exhibition explores the dichotomy between the painter and the photographer, man and woman, fiancé and fiancée.  Mel Andrewartha and Jhon Entrop often work together and find inspiration from similar seascapes, share a studio space and support one another’s creative practice, yet their finished works can often end up very different to one another.
Dichotomy showcases a painter’s perspective versus a photographer’s perspective of some stunning Tasmanian seascapes."



Inka – Fragments.jpg
I carve my worries into the sand and wait for the waves to carry them off; there is nothing so bad that the sea cannot ease. There is a sense of soothing in the bittersweet breeze. This is my place to ground and centre myself, to take stock before gathering my thoughts and pushing on with life. This is a legacy from a childhood of boats and beaches - I have always come to the coast to find my balance.

I have a healthy respect for the changes in the tides and the wind, instilled in me from a young age. The sea is a fickle and tempestuous creature, and I am in awe of it.
— Artist Statement, Fragments Exhibition 2016




We spend our days oblivious to how lucky we are to experience the fresh ocean breeze, to go fishing on the weekends, and to spend our holidays on the beaches. We drive or walk to work looking at the sea, breathing in the salt air – some of the purest air in the world – surrounded by pristine coastline. We know the force of the sea, the pounding of the waves has always been there in the background. The ocean and the coastline are such an inherent part of Tasmanian culture – always just on the edge of our minds and our sight.
— Artist Statement, Periphery Exhibition 2015