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Dance of the Tides - Oil on canvas, 2017 (Bruny Island, Tasmania)

An experiment in brush and blade...

'Dance of the Tide' is my latest oil painting, completed in the studio just this week.  Normally when I start a painting I have a clear vision in mind of what I'm setting out to do, but in this case things were a little foggy.  I completely re-worked the sky three times over, with palette knife, sponge, and finally with paint brushes, before I was happy with the depth of the clouds.  Paint brushes are something I have steered away from in my recent works, in favour of furthering my palette knife abilities, but I'm rather pleased with the overall effect.  

I wanted to use knife to create the texture of the sea, and was experimenting with a wax based medium to create the texture.  This was not a medium I had used before, and once again I'm quite happy with the results.

Not wanting to throw the balance of the overall piece off, I decided to use brush to smooth over the surface of the sand in the foreground, and I think it rounds out the overall look of the seascape, and helps to emphasise the textures of the waves.  I love the vibrancy of the colours in this one, and I'm looking forward to continuing to experiment with the combined use of brush and blade in the future.

Dance of the Tide, oil on canvas 2017

Dance of the Tide, oil on canvas 2017