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Art by Melope Blog

Working on a mammoth commission piece

I'm currently working on this large commission piece from Eaglehawk Neck, south east Tasmania.  This canvas spans 2 metres wide, by 1 metre tall, and is currently taking over my spare room as I haven't got space in my actual studio.  (image is a small section of complete piece)

big commission oil painting art

The view takes in Cape Hauy from Clydes Island, on the northern end of Eaglehawk Neck looking south.  I've been really enjoying working on a large scale, and have found that my style works very well on a big canvas.  I've particularly enjoyed the chance to go into detail on the foreground rocks in two different forms - both towering piles of rock, and smooth sheets of rock pounded by the ocean's movement.

I'm looking forward to completing this piece, and using it as inspiration to take on some new large scale works this year.  I've got big plans for some new Peninsula coastline paintings, including some beaches, caves and plenty more of the detailed rock-scapes.  I may not go for paintings quite up to the 2m mark again soon, but I'm thinking 1m plus will make for a fun exhibition catalogue.

The colour palette is one I love working with, these greens, greys and blues sum up a moody Tasmanian coastal view, with a heavy winter sky.

If this feels like something you'd like in your home, I do happily take on commission pieces - please contact me to discuss your ideas!