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Current Exhibition - Thirty-six Views of the Mountain

A little over a year ago a group of artists, known as the Otto Collective, got together and decided to put on an exhibition.  Now it's come to fruition, with the opening of "Thirty-six Views of the Mountain" at the Sidespace Gallery in Salamanca on Friday 17th August.  

The Collective have been inspired for this exhibition by the two Japanese print series both titled "Thirty-six Views of Mt Fuji", and have decided to represent our own beloved mountain from a range of different perspectives around Hobart and south east Tasmania. 

Personally I found preparing works for the exhibition both enjoyable and a challenge - battling the nap and feeding times of a tiny baby does not make for extended sessions in the studio! Thanks to my lovely husband and my mum I've been able to work around my little girl's needs to get it all done.  We got there in the end, and I'm pleased to have 3 pieces included among the thirty-six works. 

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My works for this exhibition have a little extra meaning for me, in that I took my inspiration for two of the works from photographs taken by my Nan.  Nan was always a great influence for my art, so it's been a pleasure to bring those images to life, one from 1987 (before I was even born!), and the other from 1992.

To see full images of my works, head on over to my dedicated exhibition page!  Better still, pop in to the Sidespace Gallery and see the exhibition in full, with works by Lana Nelson, Tina Curtis, Kirsty Riddle, Alicja Boyd, Patricia Martin, and Deb St Leger.